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Winter Outfit 2022: protect yourself from the cold with style and elegance

As winter arrives, wardrobes are transformed to cope with the increasingly harsh weather. To create winter outfits for men, in which elegance and warmth are combined,


is the solution to wrap yourself in style and face the coming months with grit.

Lovers of elegant outfits will find in the Mandelli collection timeless garments with an elegant model, or for those who prefer a more sporty style , the ideal are jackets padded with real goose down, perhaps with a wrap-around hood to cope precisely with the coldest temperatures.

Men’s winter outfits: between blazers and warm pants for sporty chic looks

To dress up a classy winter men’s outfit under the blazer you can sport a blazer, creating a sporty chic combination.

Prominent among Mandelli’s garments are unlined and unstructured jackets made of wool jersey or pure cashmere, and wearing them you can sport a trendy look without sacrificing elegance: informal meets formal thus catalyzing attention with a contemporary and comfortable way of dressing.

The jersey blazer can be paired with pants in which comfort is the watchword, and the trend for 2022 is precisely gym-style pants with elastic waistband , drawstring and even turn-ups at the bottom or stretch knit.

Dressing classy in winter: a focus on accessories

Attending to details makes all the difference. Therefore, to make any look unique, it is a good idea to focus on sophisticated accessories.

To face winter at the right pace, must-have height shoes in which style and comfort are combined. Emblematic of this synergy is the Mandelli Cortina signature model. Perfect for leisure, it is lined with shearling fur and made of genuine nubuck leather-a great choice to accompany cold days in style.

And when it comes to cold weather, you can’t help but think about protection, and an absolute must-have is The Colbac. Mandelli offers it in a beautiful cashmere wool and lined with a super soft Mink ideal for those who frequent Fashionable ski resorts or for those who want to use it in the city. A true carrier of the Mandelli Luxury Lifestyle world-a must-have piece in every wardrobe.

To choose the right pieces to create your winter outfits, rely on


, an iconic menswear brand whose garments combine timeless elegance, casual style and the highest quality.

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