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When buying a dress you are used to evaluate its beauty and fit on an additional feature that your clothing should have: being made from natural fibers.

Let’s find out which are the most common natural fabrics for clothing that, thanks to their nature and the type of processing they undergo, also have a low environmental impact. The most common are: cotton, linen, silk, wool, cashmere, hemp and lute. Natural fibers are divided into two categories: plant fibers obtained from seeds, leaves or tree bark, and animal fibers obtained from fleece, hair or secretions.

The quality of the material used to make our garments is an aspect we care a lot about and for this reason on our blog you can also find an article on the secrets and origins of raw materials.


Choosing a product made with natural fibers means respecting yourself and also the environment that surrounds us because their production is much greener than synthetic fabrics.

The reason why Mandelli recommends the use of natural fibers is their thermoregulation quality, able to regulate the internal temperature of the body keeping it constant.

For example, wool is able to absorb and maintain a constant temperature, while silk promotes perspiration and stays dry.

Clothing made of natural fibers is also capable of absorbing moisture and releasing it quickly to the outside creating a ventilation that promotes exudation: qualities that synthetic fibers do not have.

For summer clothes, natural fibers are to be preferred, compared to a classic polyester T-shirt, because the latter, by retaining the sweat, does nothing but increase the perception of heat to our body. Choosing clothing made with natural fibers also means taking sides in favor of the environment. In fact, during the processing of natural textile fibers are generated organic waste that are then used to make recycled eco-friendly materials with high biodegradability.

Mandelli’s collections offer a wide selection of clothing made with natural fibers suitable for all circumstances: from work to leisure.

Dress fashionably while respecting the environment and taking care of your body. Contact us here.

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