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Total look 2021: quality and comfort to keep up with fashion

The new trends for men’s fashion 2021 are set to be full of novelties under the banner of quality and comfort. Total black looks will give way to pastel colors, capable of spreading that feeling of freedom that we have all been waiting for months. Not only clothing, however, a perfect total look for men also goes through the haircut and accessories, which have now become essential for expressing one’s whole personality.

But what will be the colors for perfect casual menswear in 2021?

The watchword for the new wardrobe is definitely vibrancy. Spring pastel colors are perfect for not going unnoticed and allow you to bring out the more energetic side of your character.

The runways showed us how for spring/summer 2021 the colors that cannot be missed in your walk-in closet. Prominent among these is Europa blue paired with bright yellow for a combination synonymous with determination and positivity.

On the other hand, those who want to go for something more classic, the colors that allow you to maintain a refined look on any occasion are beige and cream, perfect for your casual menswear.

The total look menswear for 2021: between haircut and accessories

In order to have a flawless total look, capable of fully reflecting you, nothing should be left to chance, paying meticulous attention to every detail. Starting with hair, the most fashionable haircut is the medium-short cut with low shade, capable of balancing and slimming the face. Through grooming techniques, which differ according to hair length, a perfect look can be maintained even weeks after cutting. There is no shortage of untamed topknots, natural cuts, especially suitable for curly hair, and the polish cut for a dynamic and sporty look.

The accessories that complete a perfect total look for men in this 2021, in addition to the now unfailing sneakers, there are clutch bags, hand bags, hats, backpacks and fanny packs. Leather, in addition to ankle boots and loafers, also returns to hats. Sneakers, which are increasingly colorful and suitable for a casual look, in their more “understated” versions are also confirmed to be perfect under elegant clothes.

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