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The world of luxury meets technical clothing

However, choosing the most suitable clothing from both a technical and aesthetic point of view is not so simple, you have to know how to move between a sporty design with high quality, and garments to ensure the right comfort.

Coated fabrics / fabrics with membranes / water-repellent fabrics

Although the warm season is just around the corner, it is always good to have some useful all-weather clothing items in your closet. One of the technical garments that just can’t be missed is a hooded caban or rain garment with corresponding water-repellent rain treatment, capable of counteracting mild spring rains, but less suitable for summer downpours.

High Performance Seams

The new frontier in sportswear is High Performance seams, which aesthetically allow for unique and continuous designs. This new technology has a great benefit, it makes it possible to create sports garments that fit the body perfectly, capable almost of creating a second skin. The purely aesthetic aspect also benefits greatly from High Performance seams, because since they are invisible they no longer break up the patterns on the fabric.

Modern design for garments: innovative with sporty cuts

We should all have learned by now, dressing sporty doesn’t mean giving up being fashionable, and that’s why the new collections are the perfect combination of those who dress sporty but don’t give up style. Trends for the summer season once again are dominated by pop fashion colors such as green, light blue and beige.

Difference between Waterproof and water repellent

Why is it important to know the difference between waterproof and water repellent?

In most cases the two terms are considered synonyms, but in reality they conceal substantial differences, which it is important to know so as to make a more informed purchase without later being faced with unpleasant surprises.

When we talk about a waterproof fabric, we are referring to a waterproof fabric, the main characteristic of which is that it is resistant to water, even in the most extreme conditions.

The term water repellent, on the other hand, refers to a piece of sportswear treated with the goal of not creating friction with water by causing it to slide down the fabric. Choosing a water-repellent product is perfect for walking or strolling in not overly adverse weather conditions, so in the case of a light rain or fog, but it does not shelter you from heavy rains as in the case of a waterproof garment.

Mandelli, a leading luxury and sportswear brand, offers a wide range in terms of sportswear without sacrificing elegance and style. The garments offered for the new Spring Summer 2021 collection, which you can find in various stores around the world, range from the classic blouson with an elastic waist, to the more sophisticated caban or from the elegant unlined coat to the suede field jacket. Certainly, a more fashionable trend such as the leather aviator juxtaposed with multi-colored polo shirts and T-shirts cannot be missed. To complete your perfect look Mandelli offers sneakers in both fabric and leather.

Discover garments from Mandelli collections to be sporty without sacrificing style. Contact the store here.

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