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The sneaker, sporty and stylish shoe suitable for sports, travel and work

Over the years, we have seen the sneaker leave the sportswear sphere and enter the glamorous world and become for all intents and purposes a viable alternative for even the most elegant outfits. It no longer matters whether you are going for a walk or taking part in a business meeting, the sneaker has become a sporty and stylish shoe capable of being appreciated in any context.

Sporty and stylish sneaker: tips for choosing the right one

It may seem trivial, but there are an almost infinite amount of sneaker variations: from solid-colored to brightly colored and patterned. The difference is substantial, and to best combine the sports shoe with stylish garments, the best choice is to opt for solid color variants. The choice in this case should favor neutral colors, as proposed in the Spring-Summer 2021 collection by Mandelli , which offers you perfect outfits.

But how to wear sneakers?

The basic rule is to leave the ankle uncovered. Pants should not cover the shoe, and it is mandatory to avoid baggy, old-fashioned-cut pants.

In the case of more casual looks you can opt for vibrant sneakers, while the color that best suits the summer season and can be worn on any occasion is white. A symbol of lightness and freshness, white, sporty yet stylish sneakers can be paired with either a white outfit or more garish colors thus ensuring an interesting contrast that will not make you go unnoticed.

Sneakers are perfect for any occasion

Until a few years ago, this was certainly not the case: sneakers were considered the shoes of sportsmen and it was a rarity to see them worn during work hours, at most making an appearance on some more casual Fridays. Today the situation is quite different, and there are few circumstances in which wearing a sports shoe is not recommended.

Whether it is for a walk, a trip or wearing it to work under a smart suit, the sneaker allows you to always be fashionable while also ensuring the right comfort as proposed in the Leisure Mandelli collection .

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