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The secrets of the origins of raw materials

When shopping for outerwear, a shirt, a pair of pants, or, again, a jacket, attention to clothing fabrics must precede attention to the pattern of a garment or accessory. Solid or patterned, in wool, silk or cotton, stiffer or softer-the possibilities are almost endless. That is why it is important to get advice from professional and experienced insiders such as those you find at
Mandelli Milan
. In general, there are at least three aspects to consider when faced with the fabrics from which garments and accessories are made: the visual appearance, the feel, and the “weight,” of the fabric itself (usually the heavier it is, the more refined it is).

Cashmere clothing, a sign of exclusivity

It is precisely because of the combination of aspects that need to be evaluated when choosing a dress that the rule applies that fabrics should not only be looked at, but touched first. There should be a pleasant feel to the touch: warmth and softness for winter garments, coolness and lightness for summer garments. Also crucial is the weight of the fabric, between 220 and 250 grams in summer and between 300 and 600 grams for winter. Wool is the most suitable fiber for clothing in any season. The fabric from which cashmere clothing is made is obtained by processing the hair of the Hircus Goat, which lives in the Tibetan highlands, the Himalayan region and mainly in Mongolia. This animal produces a particularly fine, soft and warm wool that enables it to protect itself from the extremely harsh winter climate, when temperatures plummet to -40 degrees Celsius. After the animal moults, or after shearing, its fleece is sorted, cleaned and spun. To give an idea, a goat produces only about 100 grams of usable cashmere. Thus, wool from at least 2 up to 6 goats is needed to make a sweater. Worsted wool fabrics are measured in “microns,” which is the diameter of the fiber. The range of wool fineness (accompanied by ‘S) is from 100’S to 160’S: the higher the number, the more valuable the fabric.

The perfect fabrics for sportswear and outerwear

Technical fabrics are the must-have for leisure time and characterize the latest trends in sportswear andouterwear. Lightness, breathability, thermal regulation capabilities, suitable for street style and outdoor outings in nature: these are some of the main characteristics of clothing that must combine the needs of wearability and functionality, elegance and comfort. A breathable, waterproof fabric, on the other hand, performs a dual function: it can provide protection from the elements, preventing water from penetrating, and it allows sweat to be carried to the outside, protecting both skin and clothing. The aspect of breathability is important for many reasons: in winter and summer, respectively, it prevents cooling and overheating of the skin and promotes the body’s natural thermo-regulation, protecting against the weather. The
Leisure collection
by Mandelli is suitable for leisure, travel, sports, country and yacht club. The historic brand’s goal is to accompany its admirers even in these moments of freedom, with more comfortable and technical garments that are always distinctive and stylish, capable of giving a touch of class even on these less formal occasions. Not only professional sphere, therefore, but also sports and travel: having a 360-degree vision, the company has created a complete total look for its customers, with timeless garments and accessories, expertly crafted from the finest natural fibers to express contemporary elegance for theurban clothing and for the loungewear. For four generations Mandelli Milano has been offering men’s lines suitable for both work and moments of freedom and pleasure, always putting quality first. Contact us

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