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The perfect women’s suede coat for Spring Glamour 2022

The coat, it is known, is an evergreen garment, and to trace its origins we have to travel back in time to the upper middle class aristocracy. In the present day, it has become a must-have in women’s wardrobe as it suits all figures. Over the years it has gone from the various narrow cuts with broad shoulders, long and double-breasted, to 2022 where the most fashionable proposal is the three-quarter length with a comfortable yet waist-highlighting fit. Compared to the past, the coat dares stronger tones and bolder colors, and the fit has become more cozy, comfortable and soft. The suede coat is the new trend for spring 2022 and has become a much sought-after outerwear: perfect for the woman who loves the most fashionable style because it adapts to any occasion by recreating casual or elegant looks.

Suede coat, Mandelli’s proposal for spring 2022

The key word then for spring 2022 is lightness. In fact, Mandelli offers a three-quarter length straight-line coat with a lapel collar, flap pockets and a belt at the waist without a buckle. In addition, this must-have is made in various fabrics such as warm and colorful wool or soft and precious cashmere. These are its main features:

– Contrasting sartorial stitching;
– Wrapped and straight sleeve;
– mid-thigh length;
Silk lining in the most glamorous colors;
– no classic button but surmounted closure that highlights the waist thanks to the belt;
– ultra soft suede in warm colors with nuances reminiscent of earth to powdery white;
– comfortable fit.

This is a garment that can be worn with sneakers and sporty pants for leisure time in the city or over a more sophisticated sheath dress for a more formal and elegant evening.

Rely on Mandelli to find the right coat for your needs. Check out the women’s collection on the website.

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