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The new trend of 2021: loungewear

After a year spent almost entirely at home, untangling a conference call and an email to answer, our closets have had to deal with the effects of smart working. We’ve been forced to store our office outfits in the wardrobe, eagerly awaiting the chance to wear them again, while sweatpants and sportswear have entered our daily lives in a big way. If 2020 was the year of Homewear, 2021 will be the year of Loungewear!


But what is Loungewear?

It’s the elegant version of Homewear, that is, clothing that is perfect both for staying at home with friends and family, and for going to the bar for a coffee or a summer aperitif.


Comfort informal clothing: gym

If before the pandemic wearing a gym-suit was a peculiarity of the sportsmen, since a year now even the most reluctant have rediscovered the comfort, and why not, the charm of sportswear, but now that the summer season is coming and the reopening are closer and closer, what about the informal clothing that has found space in our closets in this long year?

Don’t worry the wardrobe for this post-pandemic will still be all about comfort! At Mandelli Milano you can find gym-suits and sneakers perfect for your outings, both at the beach and in the city.

Gym-suits for leisure time

The arrival of nice days and the sun starting to warm up spring days, makes the desire to carve out free time increase significantly, and meanwhile, the growing trend of sportswear does not seem to stop.

For at least all of 2021, luxury streetwear promises to be one of the sale items, perfectly adapting to an active lifestyle but without having to give up your glamour.


Traveling comfortable wearing the logically elegant suits in fine fabrics

Those who are used to traveling know very well how important it is to wear comfortable clothes to make the trip more comfortable. Whether by car, plane or train, loungewear is the best solution to counteract the long hours of waiting before reaching your destination.

But associating gym-suit and comfort doesn’t mean giving up your style, which is why stylish gym-suits are the perfect solution to be impeccable even at an airport gate.


Gym-suit plus sneakers for the city look

A combination that has been going on for years, but if before it found space only to go to the gym or for a quick exit, maybe hoping not to meet anyone, now it has become a city outfit sought after and worn with pride.  The trend for spring and summer 2021 gives the gym-suit and sneakers the role of great protagonists, for a sporty look with bright colors, which is able to convey all that feeling of freedom that we have repressed for a whole year.

Discover the items of Mandelli Milano collections for leisure time and to travel in comfort without sacrificing style. Contact the store here.


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