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The must-have of men’s casual wear: the jersey blouson, the aviator and the field jacket

With the arrival of warm weather and warmer temperatures there is a desire for lightness, even with regard to men’s spring fashion. The must-have men’s clothing for this period? Comfortable and versatile garments, which do not give up elegance. Starting with jackets, a perfect mix between tailoring and sportswear. In the closets, unlined blazers, aviator jackets, leather jackets and jackets in technical fabric for leisure time take the place of coats and down jackets. Soft and space-saving, they are ideal to put in your suitcase or travel bag for trips and weekends away. One of the must-have items for the current season is the blouson, a unisex jacket in leather or fabric. Short, wide, zipped or with hidden buttons, lined or padded, this outerwear comes with a shirt collar and welt pockets. The blouson, or Harrington, became established in men’s clothing around the 1960s, thanks in part to movie and rock icons like James Dean and Elvis Prestley. Originally, however, it was born in England, in Manchester, in 1937, created by brothers John and Isaac Miller. The initial models were cotton jackets with a raised collar, stretch knit band and cuffs, raglan sleeves, and bias pockets with flaps. The inner lining was in Fraser tartan (red, green and black). Today, among the most popular and appreciated fabrics for this garment there is the jersey, light, soft and elastic, characteristics that make it particularly suitable for hot days, thanks to its breathability. It adapts perfectly to the shape of the body, does not crease and is easy to wash. For leisure time, we also suggest leather blousons, simple, essential, with an equally vintage touch.



 Aviator jacket

On less formal occasions, in spring, the aviator jacket is also very popular, ideal to wear over lighter garments, suitable for a less harsh climate but not yet summery. The bomber jacket was born during the First World War for American Air Force pilots who flew aircraft with the cockpit uncovered. The first types were characterized by a high collar and wraparound as well as sleeves and waist, edged or lined with fur, a front zipper closure with windproof flaps. The bomber jackets widespread today are inspired by those classic models, made famous, in more recent times, by cult movies such as “Indiana Jones” and “Top Gun”, and reinterpret them in a contemporary way. In a casual version, the aviator jacket can be matched with a pair of jeans or sporty 5-pocket pants, a polo shirt or a shirt whose colors reflect ton on ton or contrast the details of the bomber jacket. At the feet leather or navy blue lace-up shoes. For a more formal occasion an idea could be to combine the garment with chinos pants, plain shirt and suede loafers in the same shade of the jacket.


 The military origins of the man’s field jacket

Another must-have of mid-season clothing is the men’s field jacket which, like many other men’s outerwear, comes from the military world. The minimal and functional design, characterized by double chest pockets and double pockets on the sides, with flap closure, and the resistant but light material made it ideal for British soldiers who, in the first decades of the twentieth century, had to cope with the monsoon climate of India. Later it was the same for American ones in Vietnam in the 1960s and 1970s. At the time, the olive green models of the men’s field jacket, with elongated front pockets and a hood, were especially popular. Those in earth and camel tones, on the other hand, became the garment of choice for hunters and travelers on African safaris. In the Sixties, the field jacket for men became a glamorous garment thanks to the designer Yves Saint Laurent and, in the cinema, to the character of James Bond in the “007” saga. How to choose it today, for your wardrobe? First of all, you need to pay attention to the fit: it must be close enough to the body, but not too tight when closed nor too wide and voluminous. Alongside the great classics of olive green, camel and sand, there are also versions in beige and blue. For a casual, yet impeccable look, this item could be paired with a light-colored shirt, blue navy slim fit pants, dark brown tie and leather loafers in the same color as the accessory. Both for more formal occasions and for those dedicated to leisure time, Mandelli collections offer blousons, aviator jackets, field jackets and many timeless items in which the tradition of craftsmanship of the company is combined with a modern and dynamic style, without ever sacrificing class and sophistication. You can contact us here.

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