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The Mandelli total look: the perfect outfit for every trip

There are a variety of travel looks that ensure comfort and practicality, but one must always maintain some attention to the look as well, combining trend and fit.

Let’s find out together what the best travel looks are.

Useful tips on the ideal clothing to face any kind of travel

Green light and comfortable garments . Mandelli offers a wide range of patterns made from lightweight linen fabrics and blends of precious technical yarns combined with the most exclusive natural fibers such as silk, ultrafine wools and jersey. The colors that characterize the total look MAndelli spring summer 2021 are focused on soft and natural hues such as white, ivory, beige and taupe with color interventions that are never excessive and always tasteful.

In travel clothing, the key is the ability to use practical garments with specific lightweight performance so as not to risk temperature fluctuations, especially for those who move between airports and find themselves having to switch from muggy heat to ‘colder air conditioning.

Mandelli offers the Leisure collection perfect for those who want to wear elegant yet comfortable garments while still remaining an icon of style, even on less formal occasions.

The total look for the stylish traveler

When traveling, luggage organization for a gentleman is of paramount importance: The must-haves that cannot be missed in a suitcase.

Let’s look specifically at what garments should make up the perfect look for traveling.

The must-have shirt for the most elegant occasions

Lightweight jersey or knit polo shirts paired with linen or cotton Bermuda shorts will be perfect for a soft, cool look during the day.

The jumpsuit, now a fashion must-have, is the ultimate comfortable garment, the perfect ally in every situation: during international flights, city walks, relaxing moments or aperitifs with friends.

Unmissable in a suitcase is the ever-essential waterproof jacket, and Mandelli offers it in the classic four-pocket field-jacket, unlined jackets, real light but formal raincoats and a plethora of blousons made in the finest fabrics with waterproof or water repellent treatments.

As for the shoe, the choice is not complicated: the white sneaker for a sporty but still fashionable look is suitable for the summer season, can be worn on any occasion and provides you with the right comfort as proposed in the Leisure Mandelli collection .

Can’t miss a more elegant nubuck loafer in natural tones

Discover garments from Mandelli collections for traveling in comfort without sacrificing style. Contact the store here.

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