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The importance of made the clothing in Italy in the world

A synonym of quality, history, elegance, tradition, culture, craftsmanship. This is what represents what revolves around made in Italy clothing. The Italian productions, in particular the tailoring ones, are known all over the world and appreciated precisely as a distinctive symbol of value and class. Even today, tricolor fashion remains a highly strategic sector for internal sales and exports, with more than positive effects on GDP. Not to mention that it is a real socio-cultural phenomenon that has always attracted millions of visitors to the Peninsula every year, allowing you to combine shopping with visits to churches, museums and other places of historical interest and beyond. As for the luxury sector, our country is second in the world for market share after China, as is the case in the leather shoes segment. Before the pandemic emergency froze the Italian menswear race at the end of 2019, men’s fashion (which, in addition to fabric and leather clothing, includes outer knitwear, shirts, ties) had exceeded 10 billion revolutions. business with a 6.6% growth compared to the previous year, as emerged from a note from the Confindustria Moda Study Center for Sistema Moda Italia.

Made in Italy men’s clothing: characteristics and values

From the 1950s, when made in Italy became established in the world thanks to the great fashion houses, especially under the pressure of movies stars, up to the present day, the fashion market has undergone a huge evolution. However, in a constantly changing landscape, Italian clothing continues to be a global reference point thanks to the timeless values ​​it represents: design, prestige, creativity, attention to detail, exclusivity. These are the founding values ​​of the Italian craftsmanship that also characterize made in Italy clothing and make it so popular also abroad. High quality level of fabrics and materials used in the collections, refined style, link with tradition, but also innovation and research, obsessive attention to detail able to always make the difference, originality and ability to last over time: these are just some of the characteristics that constitute an invisible thread that binds together brands that have made the history of luxury prêt-à-porter also for men’s collections. Among the pillars of excellence in the luxury sector and, specifically, in the menswear segment, we find the harmonious combination of aesthetics and practicality and the possibility of personalizing the garment or accessory, addressing a customer who always likes to stand out with sobriety, but a taste for detail.

Made in Italy fashion: masterpieces and unique garments

Anna Wintour, director of Vogue America, one of the most authoritative voices in terms of trends and the fashion market, significantly declared that made in Italy represents the future of our country. This seems even more true just looking at the recovery of some markets, a trend that is already underway, even if obviously the recovery times cannot be immediate. The national estimates for 2020 – the year of global freezing – relating to fashion, settle on an overall loss of 22%, with a significant impact on clothing (-32%) and footwear (-26%). However, for 2021, made in Italy fashion is expected to jump by 15%, especially as regards a branch of strategic specialization such as leather goods and accessories, with a growth range between 16% and 18%. In such a scenario, the elements of craftsmanship and tailoring in men’s clothing, refreshed by a modern and comfortable style, will continue to be the hallmarks sought by menswear buyers. These are those proposed for four generations by Mandelli Milano, which offers collections suitable for both work time and leisure time, always in the name of class and quality. Contact us here.

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