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The importance of Made in Italy in the world

True Italian excellence marked by the Made in Italy brand has always been recognized and admired all over the world. The expression Made in Italy, “produced in Italy,” in addition to signaling the Italian origin of an industrial or artisanal product destined for both international and Italian markets, evokes a series of qualities: high quality level of materials used, refined style, innovation, attention to detail, imagination in the solutions adopted, and the ability to last over time, which characterize the products of excellence of Italian Industry.

Mandelli: the origins of the tradition of Italian Artisan Excellence.

There are not many families that can claim to have been in the fashion world for more than a century. ‍
Enrico Mandelli Spa
is the story of a great family whose work has its origins in the long tradition of Italian Artisan Excellence: a true
Made in Italy
. It is currently managed by Dr. Andrea Maria Mandelli, the fourth generation member of the family. The history of the company began with great-grandfather in the early 1900s, and since then Enrico Mandelli Spa has developed its activities, growing rapidly and becoming one of the most famous companies in the world for the production of exclusive and valuable garments, boasting stores all over the world-a totally Made in Italy brand that has made the history of Italian fashion.

Mandelli collections: excellences of Made in Italy.

Mandelli’s collections fully express the values of the company’s historic tradition of craftsmanship: garments are made from noble fibers and innovative materials, resulting in elegance and durability at the same time.

The company’s proposals meet the taste of the most refined international clientele:

The Mandelli total look was created with the clear objective of complementing the historic outerwear collection and features timelessly elegant garments and accessories, expertly crafted from the finest natural fibers and recognizable for their unmistakable details and careful craftsmanship.

Mandelli also aims to accompany its customers in moments of freedom, with more comfortable and technical but always distinctive and stylish garments, which is why it gives birth to the Leisure collection, designed for leisure, travel, sports, country and yacht club.

Made in Italy quality and the ability to bring timelessly elegant garments and accessories to life are factors that allow this clothing line to be one of the most famous in the world. In fact, the company invests every year in the search for more and more innovative raw materials and in technologies that are always in step with the times. His now 100-year activity has been recognized several times with honorary awards and plaques.

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