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Sports trousers for an elegant man: Mandelli’s advice for the perfect combination of formal and informal

With the arrival of spring 2022, Mandelli has decided to renew its catalog by creating an exclusive collection in which it offers a line of man sports trousers: suitable for any occasion, they are the perfect choice for those who are looking for comfort without having to give up on class and style.

MAn sports trousers: Mandelli’s proposal for Spring 2022

Thanks to the use of high-performance materials, the men’s sports trousers collection is the perfect combination of comfort, characteristic of gym trousers, and style, perfectly expressed by classic elegant trousers.

Mandelli’s spring-summer 2022 collection is a hymn to trousers made with lightness, stretch, and soft-touch fabrics: trousers to wear just to feel “easy” in any context, from free time to essential work appointments.
Mandelli has always been committed to putting its customers in the right condition to express their innate elegance, without renouncing the comfort of a casual touch: the loungewear and gym chic lines are the most evident manifestation of this.
The collection includes fine pieces with a timeless style: among the most classic models, the timeless two-pleat trousers in soft stretch cotton, characterized by the typical tailored-inspired turn-up; among the more sporty models, the five-pocket model stands out, made both in cotton denim, characterized by an unmistakable contemporary taste, and in linen and cotton fabric, for an even more refined style and perfect for a trendy city look.

Elegant and sporty men’s clothing: Mandelli’s trousers

The spring-summer 2022 collection proposed by Mandelli breaks free from the classic dictates of current trends and designs smart business trousers with a timeless style, in which class and contemporaneity come together in a single concept. An exclusive concept, which can only be mastered by the man who can (and wants to) be incredibly elegant even if he’s wearing a casual garment.

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