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New fashion trends 2021: elegant garments and sport shoes

Casual chic or sporty refined style? Of course, it depends on the occasion, but if it is not too formal an event, the 2021 fashion trends for menswear suggest trying to mix solid and patterned colors, various fabrics and materials. Not only that, you can maintain elegance by adding a touch of modernity and freshness to your outfit.
Mandelli Milano
proposes men’s garments and accessories perfect for being impeccable and classy in every situation, thanks to unique products, adequate to accompany the most sophisticated customers both in working moments and in leisure time. The proposals in the collections are in step with the taste and needs of our times, in line with the 2021 fashion trends. To give a more original and dynamic note to your look, it is possible to combine jackets, shirts, pants and other garments with sneakers, choosing the right models that suit your needs.

Sport shoes under dressy men’s suit: how to match them

Modern, versatile and perfect for both fall-winter and spring-summer, sporty chic sneakers are ideal for downplaying a serious and rigorous outfit as well as for making a casual look a little more sophisticated, according to the main fashion trends 2021. The desire to wear sneakers at all times of the day to enjoy the comfort of this footwear finds expression in the design and style of contemporary models, with sophisticated taste, functional and versatile. But is it possible to wear sports shoes under stylish men’s garments? A good occasion might be, for example, a meeting with business clients outside the office, for brunch, lunch, aperitifs, and generally in contexts where shirts, jackets, and pants can be paired with athletic footwear. By choosing a type of sports shoe with classic lines and a neutral color, you are always on the safe side. For a more understated look you can opt for blue, black or leather shoes. Those in light colors go with beige or sand pants and shirts. A nice touch? Sneakers could echo the color of an accessory such as a belt for an extra note of elegance. In these cases, however, it is recommended not to overdo the mix&match of fabrics and colors, but to prefer solids and neutral shades in both garments and shoes.

Sport shoes on elegant garment: three rules

Until not long ago, wearing sports shoes with polo shirts, shirts, jackets, pants and other men’s garments was considered heresy. Today, fashion is changing, as also shown by the 2021 fashion trends in outerwear and sportswear, but not only that. Of course, you still have to pay attention to details, which are always capable of making a difference, and properly match garments and accessories to sneakers.

They would be avoided with the sports shoes old-fashioned, loose-fitting pants, preferably those with a slim cut. The pants, in fact, should not cover the sneakers, but should highlight them, which is why it is appropriate for the hemline to reach above the ankle. Neutral colors such as blue, black, gray, and leather are always fine, especially if pants and shoes are en pendant or ton sur ton; better, however, to leave the dark, intense hues to any details.

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