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Men’s vest: a must-have in men’s clothing


In recent years, the vest, due to its versatility of use, has become increasingly important in both men’s and women’s wardrobes.

In its men’s collections, Mandelli offers a wide selection of vests made of countless materials appropriate for every season: from technical fabrics that are wind or water resistant to more sophisticated yarns such as wool and cashmere jersey. The combination of multiple fabrics or ultra-soft leathers allow for the creation of high-performance, wrap-around garments that provide maximum comfort in any season without sacrificing elegant style. Among the most popular are pure cashmere vests for colder winters to be worn either under coats or over a warm sweater or sports blazer. Mandelli offers it both flounced and padded, and smooth with different quilts and lighter or lighter weights for spring/summer periods. An icon of style and sophistication is the pure vicuna vest. Mandelli and made-in-Italy excellence. Vicuna is a very exclusive fabric belonging to the world of luxury, which is why Mandelli is the emblem of the luxury lifestyle.

Men’s vest: the epitome of elegance declined in sporty-chic looks

In recent years, the vest has become a major player in menswear trends, as it is ideal for accompanying men in their daily commitments, allowing them to wear sporty and stylish looks that are perfect from morning to evening.

Aiming for casual styles that can be paired with a shirt and under jeans can create super trendy contrasts, where comfort and elegance come together as one. You will thus lend a touch of class to sporty outfits, allowing you to stand out on any occasion.

To choose the vest that best suits your style, rely on Mandelli, a historic company that has been in the men’s clothing business for more than a hundred years and is known worldwide for its Made in Italy garments that combine casual and elegance.

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