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Spring 2022: the new Mandelli women’s collection will be presented with an opening party at the Kiev store.

It will be a spring-summer 2022 collection on the wave of experience and tradition that distinguishes the style and personality of Mandelli: a brand renowned all over the world that already in the 70s and 80s produced women’s garments as a private label. high class with the most famous designers, from a sportier style to haute couture.

Drawing inspiration from her thirty years of experience in the field of women’s fashion, in 2022 Mandelli decides to re-propose cult and timeless garments to dress a sophisticated and attention-to-detail woman who knows how to show off an elegance that is both classic and sporty. A self-confident woman who feels comfortable wearing fine fabrics and leathers for a timeless outfit perfect for all occasions: from free time to social life in the city center.

The spring-summer 2022 collection develops on light tones such as white, beige, dove gray and cream. Light tones that lend themselves well to embellishing leather garments such as a short blouson with contrasting stitching and elasticated waist or a soft suede bomber, proposed in taupe.

The master of the scene can only be the classic suede blazer, proposed in warm and timeless sand-colored tones, perfect to be combined with palazzo or “Capri” style trousers, shorter and more fitting.

Attention is also drawn to the soft double cashmere coat with tailored stitching by Loro Piana and the unlined suede pea coat, undoubtedly another must of the collection: extremely light and practical with its sash to be tightened to enhance the waistline, lends itself to being worn both with an elegant dress and with gym pants.



For its women’s collection, Mandelli always offers a total look: from jackets to trousers, from shirts to sweaters to matching shoes and hats. Attention to detail is one of the hallmarks of the Brand and is evident in the intention to give women a precious charm with tone-on-tone inserts, hand-tailored seams, silk linings and some of the most prestigious and sophisticated leathers.

As for men, so for women, the Brand presents a capsule collection of sportswear such as the jersey tracksuit that can be combined with the blouson with zip and hood or the eternal sports blazer with three buttons. There are several gymsets on offer, both in soft stretch cotton and in light cashmere: a perfect solution to always be elegant even in your free time.

Gymset perfect to enhance another strong point of the women’s spring-summer 2022 collection: the sneakers, made of stretch cotton with an extra soft caramel-colored rubber sole, and the classic moccasin in suede, elegant and in line with the colors of the collection.

Finally, to complete the outfit, Mandelli suggests his timeless baseball caps, also in refined fabrics from cashmere to jersey, or the classic feminine panama with silk satin bows: both ideal solutions to be truly impeccable, in perfect Mandelli style.

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