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How to choose the perfect elegant and sporty men’s outfit: Mandelli’s advice

Be elegant without giving up a casual touch. These two elements can be combined by wearing suitable clothes. In fact, the wardrobe of an elegant and at the same time sporty man is the turning point for showing off effective looks, suitable for multiple occasions.

You can thus be perfect and feel at ease from morning to afternoon, facing both work commitments and moments of relaxation between walks and convivial occasions with style.

Detached from the dictates of current trends, these are smart business outfits in which class and contemporaneity come together in a single concept.

Sporty elegant man: a choice of style suitable for any occasion.

While a casual outfit must be comfortable for men, it can nevertheless be too sporty in certain contexts, as it does not lend itself to being worn for all occasions. Conversely, an elegant outfit can be very formal and unsuitable for spending time with friends.

Therefore, sporty yet elegant men’s clothing is the right balance to be impeccable and at the same time always at ease in any context. To find the garments with which to build these looks, the perfect solution is in the Mandelli Collections, which for over a century has represented a reference point for men’s fashion: through its products it offers a modern and comfortable style, as well as refined and timeless.

Elegant sportswear for men: between casual and evergreen garments

To build a sporty and elegant look it is appropriate to implement a series of strategies. Among these, it is certainly winning to combine very elegant garments with more casual models: an emblematic example of the flannel trousers played down by the use of sneakers, perhaps combined with a comfortable jacket in cashmere jersey.

Another possibility is the mix that sees a precious overcoat worn over jeans. Or to create this game of contrasts, single-breasted or double-breasted pea coats enriched by warm interior in shaved mink are perfect. Otherwise, even the blazer, strictly in jersey, can be combined with informal trousers, a high-neck cashmere sweater and sports cargo trousers.

Other measures consist in focusing on quality garments, made with quality materials, and taking care of the details: from accessories, such as the watch and gloves in materials combined with outwear, to make your look even more impeccable.

To build your elegant and sporty wardrobe, entrust yourself to Mandelli, the Made in Italy signature that has written the history of men’s fashion with its refined and contemporary style garments.

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