There are not many families who can claim to be in the fashion business for over a century. Enrico Mandelli Spa is a story of a strong family and an even stronger Tradition of Italian Craftsmanship Excellence: A real Made in Italy famous all over the world.

Enrico Mandelli

Andrea Maria Mandelli  is now the owner of the company, but he is the forth generation because his great-grandfather Enrico started the business in the early 1900s as a leather suppllier in the north of Milan.

Enrico Mandelli
Paolo Mandelli

Paolo Mandelli

Paolo, Enrico’s son, joined his father in 1925 and spent the rest of his life expanding the business. Thanks to his creative and business-oriented mindset he led the company into the Italian fashion market producing women’s and men’s sportswear and outerwear.

Enrico Mandelli

Paolo’s son, also named Enrico, joined the family business in the early ‘60s starting the third generation.Thanks to him, Enrico Mandelli Spa reached the highest quality of production in Italy, using the finest leathers and the best noble fibres in the world.

Enrico Mandelli

Andrea Maria Mandelli

Andrea, Enrico’s son, has been at the helm of the company since 1996. With a master’s degree in business administration, he intends to further improve the company by building on his heritage, the excellence for which the Mandelli name is known.

Emme SPA

During the 50s the development at a national level was immediate and in 1954 was founded: Emme Spa.

Emme Spa
Enrico Mandelli Spa

Enrico Mandelli Spa

In 1964 the company changed its name to Enrico Mandelli Spa just in honor of the great grandfather Enrico.

Walter Albini

During the 70s the company contributed to the expansion of Italian fashion in the world., began to collaborate with the best Italian designers such as Walter Albini the father of the pret-a-porter.

Walter Albini


The BASILE brand was born in the 70s. Collaboration becomes very important when the brand becomes the first company in Italy to produce industrially made ready-to-wear for men and women. .

Luciano Soprani

The designer Luciano Soprani, known for his prêt-a-porter collections famous all over the world, decided to entrust the production of his collection to Enrico Mandelli Spa. The combination has been a great success for many years.
Luciano Soprani
Emmanuel Ungaro

Emanuel Ungaro

The designer Emanuel Ungaro was one of the most constructive experiences  for Enrico Mandelli Spa in what was the French fashion.


In the 80s, Franco Moschino represents the most innovative and unusual stylist. In those years, a working collaboration was born, as well as a particular friendship, between Rachele and Enrico Mandelli that will last more than a decade.

Franco Moschino
Domenico Dolce e Stefano Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana

The partnership between the stylists Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana was born at the end of the 80s and lasted for 15 years. The company was granted the World License of Dolce Gabbana Leather. This experience made the company grow both from an operational and technical point of view, becoming a world leader.

Mod. Milano

Launch of the Milano Style, the most iconic blouson of the Mandelli brand.

Modello Milano
Mandelli coccodrillo


Mandelli introduced the thinnest crocodile leather in the market: 0,4 mm

New Showroom

Open the new head-quarter in Montenapoleone District: 400 mq of italian elegance
Mandelli showroom
total-look Mandelli

Total Look

Mandelli became a total look brand.

Classico Italia

Mr Andrea Mandelli is the new President of Classico Italia to promote the real Made in Italy in the World.
Classico Italia
show-room New-York


USA Showroom:
5 Est, 57 Street, 20° Floor


Mandelli monobrand in Ukraine:
15, Khreshchatyk St.
Negozio Kiev
Nuovo showroom Mandelli Milano


Mandelli monobrand in Italy (working progress)