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Elegant and sporty outfit for July and August: leisure clothing suitable for every occasion

Summer is getting into full swing but we still have enough time to perfect our wardrobe and align with the trends of 2021. The trends to follow for this new season are simple: comfortable looks, pastel colors and technical fabrics.

Tips for a sporty and elegant men’s outfit for summer 2021

The first rule to respect to be fashionable in these summer months is to prefer comfort. Choosing a leisure look is never wrong, and allows you to be fashionable in every occasion, whether for leisure, travel or sports.

Sneakers are perfect at any time of day and even under an elegant dress. In full respect of comfort, even jackets are revised, abandoning the classic and rigid lines, to make room for typically summery fabrics such as jersey and linen, with more comfortable constructions and informal cuts. The linen shirt is always the protagonist in this summer 2021 suitable for a cooler look with soft volumes. The real must-have of summer 2021 is the t-shirt made in various yarns from the finest such as silk jersey and sea island cotton to the most sporty in lightweight linen and silk knit. The trendiest look is completed by buttoned or zipped polo shirts made even more innovative by the knitted bottoms inspired by the 60s, which represent the focus of the Mandelli maglieria Spring Summer 2021 collection.

Colors for a sporty elegant look for men

Summer is synonymous with carefreeness and even the colors of your outfits must reflect this state of freedom: pastel colors will conquer any item of clothing, from t-shirts to pants, from hats to shoes.

But what are the most suitable colors for an elegant sporty outfit?

The Mandelli collection proposes light blue, beige and cream: natural tones integrated with more intense and vivid colors to feel always in tune with summer.

Summer 2021 accessories

A very useful accessory, which shelters us from the hot summer sun, is the hat. You can choose a more sporty style with the baseball cap or the timeless panama for the more elegant man.

Summer is just around the corner, discover Mandelli garments to dress fashionably for any occasion. Contact the store here

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