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When you buy a piece of clothing among the variables to be considered, in addition to beauty and fit, there is also the one related to the type of fiber of which the garment is made, which plays a key role in the health of our body.

Mandelli collections are made entirely with natural yarns, such as the best quality cashmere: the most resistant, comfortable, versatile and suitable for all seasons.

The production of Mandelli garments includes the highest quality, timeless style and a beauty that goes beyond trends and seasonality.

The quality of the material used to make Mandelli garments is the main focus and the pride of the company, which has become a world leader in the production of exclusive garments that have been totally “Made in Italy” for over a century. The production is still personally supervised by the Mandelli family and on the various blogs that follow you can find articles that better explain this huge world of luxury in fashion with the secrets and origins of raw materials and why to choose clothing made with natural fibers.

Cashmere light: soft and enveloping caress. 

Light cashmere, the icon of Mandelli’s collections, is light and very fine. It is worked on high performance looms and with longer processes to make the yarn extremely thin but at the same time it manages to maintain the qualities for which cashmere is famous and highly sought after all over the world. Mandelli’s light cashmere sweaters have become a timeless style icon and the brand offers them from the classic crew-neck, to the more youthful “V” neckline, from the cardigan with zipper, to the more sporty “Polo” version. Comfortable unlined blazers, blousons and bomber jackets in various colors complete the light cashmere collection and the last item presented is the cashmere tracksuit, ideal for leisure time or international travel.


What does it mean to wear cashmere light in summer?

Light cashmere is considered an ally in every season of the year: it can be worn in winter under a blazer or perfect even in summer for cooler evenings. It naturally regulates body temperature and keeps it constant, as well as giving a soft and enveloping caress without losing its unmistakable lightness.


The importance of color for natural yarns

Colors are a fundamental part of the collections, but it is essential to choose a color palette for the yarns. In this season we find very natural colors for light cashmere: Mandelli collection proposes pastel colors, earthy colors in sand version, light neutral tones such as beige and light blue and the timeless blue color that has become a style trademark for the elegant man.


Mandelli’s collections offer a wide selection of clothing made entirely of natural fibers suitable for all circumstances: from work to leisure. Contact the store here.

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