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Best tips for men on how to dress for spring summer

The days are getting longer now and summer is just around the corner: it’s time to revamp our wardrobe, and bring a burst of color and style to our looks.
For Spring Summer 2021 in men’s fashion, the predominant trends are: Utility and Sportswear, characterized by functional silhouettes, comfort cuts and a return to vintage style. In third place is mix and match, the fashion trend of combining different colors and styles.

Beyond trends, we advise you how to dress fashionably for men in spring-summer, what items are in fashion and what are the trendy colors of this spring summer 2021. Mandelli Milano offers men’s garments and accessories that are perfect for being impeccable and classy in every situation, thanks to unique products, adequate to accompany the most sophisticated customers in both work and leisure time. The proposals in the collections are in step with the taste and needs of our times, in line with the Spring Summer 2021 fashion trends.

Men’s clothing tips: How to dress in spring-summer

This will be a season to dare with mix and match but never give up comfort and elegance. Among the suggestions on how to dress for spring-summer 2021, there emerges a preference for soft clothing and a fresh look, both to be seen and worn. Among the must-have items in a man’s wardrobe with the arrival of summer are certainly Bermuda shorts: the quintessential emblem of summer, and ideal for life on a boat, to be paired with a short-sleeved T-shirt and a sun hat. Under the banner of comfort, more formal garments, such as jackets, are also revisited, abandoning rigid shapes to fit the body with typically summery lightweight fabrics, such as jersey and linen. To the casual style and the desire to escape recall the bomber jackets, perfect for wearing on cooler, windy summer evenings at the beach or in the mountains.

Men’s fashion tips: Explosion of colors for casual wear

Summer is joy and cheerfulness, and the wardrobe is also affected by this wave of freshness by introducing garments that evoke vacations, carefreeness, and the desire for escapism and lightness. This season’s colors will be pastel shades, sandy version of earths, and in general matte shades typical of light neutrals. This year Mandelli has identified a series of colors that will characterize our summer: neutral and light colors, such as beige and cream.

Discover garments from Mandelli Milano’s spring summer 2021 collections for work and leisure. Choose a modern and dynamic style without ever sacrificing class and sophistication. Contact the store here.

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