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The term “loungewear” comes to Europe from the United States and literally means “to be comfortable,” ending up collecting within a new category all those items of clothing that people like to wear to “be relaxed.”

Loungewear” is a category of clothing designed to be worn during leisure time: the Financial Times itself describes it as “relaxation-inspired clothing.” It is a category that includes shorts, stretch pants, sweatshirts, tracksuits and many other comfortable clothing items.

One of the reasons for the great appeal aroused by loungewear, according to The Globe and Mail, is its versatility: comfortable clothing, in fact, can also be worn as workwear or for any daily activity.

Loungewear is synonymous with a look that looks good both at home and outside, allowing you to be “well-dressed” whether for the home office or for a trip, whether for yoga or for popping to the coffee shop for a coffee or an aperitif. Always with the priceless virtue of being incredibly comfortable.

Loungewear is thus definitively cleared for the office and the city, as well as being a comfortable companion in everyday life: style contrasts make lounge-outfits suitable for all occasions offered by social life, pairing classic hoodies with sneakers and blazers.

To make your loungewear and homewear truly modern and in step with fashion, you can opt for an elegant timeless look by pairing sweatpants and sweatsuits with a dress: a combination whose demand is growing exponentially. The lounge suit, in fact, has become the most popular garment among our customers.

Knitwear is also a rising trend within Mandelli’s offerings, thanks to the preciousness of the yarns and the versatility of the patterns: from the most classic for men to the most sophisticated for women. Soft and warm, they wrap around the person with a touch of coolness in the fit for these early days of spring now just around the corner.


Mandelli offers ultra-comfortable drawstring pants with a drawstring waistband in a variety of materials: from the finest wool to the warmest and softest cashmere, from the most stretchy cotton to a mix of silk and cashemre to be more elegant. Colors range from warm tones of beige, sand and cream for women to blue, taupe and gray for men.

The tracksuit is becoming more and more of a protagonist: the fashion world is getting very close to sportswear, a scenario in which the Mandelli brand is leading the way.

Mandelli is a brand now known worldwide thanks to the luxury boutiques that offer its garments. Mandelli is synonymous with prestige, sophistication, precious materials and luxury.

For years now, Mandelli has also juxtaposed outerwear production with loungewear, so as to meet customers’ demands more and more. The total look is completely combinable: from cashmere blouson to cargo pants, from classic double jersey coat to sweatpants.

The Mandelli woman enjoys a sartorial tradition that is now centuries old: the total look offered by the brand juxtaposes the finest leather garments with tailored stitching with soft pants in feminine shapes but loungewear style, again with a drawstring waist and elastic at the bottom.

The tones are more subdued and pleasing: pairing with the total look includes stretch cotton sneakers with caramel soles and a gorgeous baseball cap made from the same material as the outerwear.

Mandelli offers a complete total look for a woman or man who leaves nothing to chance: despite the casual attire, craftsmanship and refinement in detail and style always stand out.

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